A. Subscribe to our waitinglist

From the very moment we help the mothers giving birth and open the puppy membranes to the moment you can pick up your new family member, these puppies really feel like our own little babies. That’s why it is very important for us to know that our puppies will end up in a loving home. If you like to subscribe to our waiting list we ask you to email us with the following  our puppies end up.  Can you please send us an email Doodle-Babys@outlook.com  with the following points:

– Sketch your family and especially work situation (so workinghours and place, so could your doodle be around you all day in the office or at your home office). They are really bred for their social friendly nature and their urge to be there for you is very big. If they are to long alone, a labradoodle will be enormously unhappy.)

– Address details and telephone number (for our administration)

– Agree with the deposit of 200 euros or 400 euros for priority (this is settled with the purchase amount, your guarantee of a doodle baby and is non-refundable)

We ask for a down payment, so that we can make a reliable waiting list and make you the promise that you can add a puppy from us to your family! In this way we try to prevent families from enlisting with several breeders and waiting where they can have a puppy first. Your deposit is your guarantee for a place on the waiting list. 
Our address: Calle de Martis 6 43500 Tortosa t.n.v. Frank Hamers Doodlebabys

– Placement on the:

*CLOSED: Waiting List Once it’s your turn based on your down payment date, you will automatically receive an email asking if you are interested in that litter, you have 2 days to respond to this email. You can choose to skip litters until you have found your perfect puppy. If, due to circumstances or preferences, you cannot choose from the current litter, you will simply remain your place based on the date of your deposit on the waiting list and you will be automatically mailed again at the next litter. Breeders are given priority to be able to keep improving the breed. Note that the waiting time becomes longer the more preferences you have, especially if you would like to wait for a girl! (2100 euros at 9 weeks)

* Open: Priority List You have first choice on every litter, unless Doodlebabys needs a puppy of that litter or another family with Priority did their down payment earlier then you. You get priority on the current Waiting List. You can also have a litter with this puppy, but it is not a must. In order to continue to improve the breed, we always ensure that puppies can be chosen first for breeding. (7500 euros at 9 weeks). As DoodleBabys, we are always entitled to the very first choice, even before the families on the priority list, to improve our breeding program. Your Doodlebaby will be clear from all necessary testable genetic diseases. All of our parent Doodles are clear from all hereditary diseases, so this makes your puppy automatically clear too.  You would only have to perform the physical tests of your puppy when he or she is 1 year old. These are the ECVO eye test: 45 euros, Hips and elbows: 100 euros & Patella / knees: 40 euros.

When you enlist with us, you will receive an estimation when your Doodlebaby could be born if everything goes as planned. We can never predict how many puppies a Mom will have or whether the colors/genders match up with the wants and wishes of our waiting families. So the more wishes on the color, gender, size, coat type etc. the longer your waiting time. 
As soon as we know more about available puppy’s for your family, we automatically will email you!
If you email us sooner about planning of litters, we won’t be able to give you any information. Dogs will be in heat about 1 or 2 times a year and sometimes take shorter or longer than planned. Dogs are only pregnant for 8 weeks. We can’t know in which month a Mom will have baby’s, if she will have enough babies or how many priority familys will go before you.

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