The Australian Labradoodle has her sweet, social and gentle character of the Labrador, her intelligence, non-shedding and anti-allergy coat of the Poodle and his good mood, enthusiasm and affection of the Cocker Spaniel. You could say that this is really the perfect dog! ? This breed is created to help, love and assist people and they love to cuddle you all day! It’s a wonderful family dog ​​and perfect therapy dog ​​(so also ideal for children with autism, ADHD, down sydrom etc.).

There is no difference in character between a male and a female.

There are 3 different sizes within the breed:

Mini Size height 35-43 cm weighs 7-13 kg
Medium Size height 44-52 cm weighs 13-20 kg
Standard Size height 53-63 cm weighs 23-30 kg

The Australian Labradoodle has two different common coat types. The curly fleece and the wavy fleece. The Wavy Fleece is very loose with wavy hairs and the Curly Fleece consists of small curls. The wol coat is no longer common.


The coat care of your Labradoodle is very important! The coat of the Labradoodle must be brushed once a week, so she won’t have to suffer from tangles. You can easily learn to take care of your Doodle’s coat yourself. You can find a lot of video’s on youtube. The Australian Labradoodle can have different coat colors:

Tabel Doodle kleuren
Australian Labradoodles (ALD) vs Labrador x poodle crossing 

By combining an ALD with an ALD for generations long, the Australian Labradoodle has a very friendly and balanced character and a real teddy bear appearance. The coat is very stable and is tested on Improper coat, so the coat is non shedding and is hypoallergenic/anti allergenic. With a crossbreed labradoodle the character will be like either a labrador or smart but stubborn as a poodle. There is a big chance that a shedding labrador fur will be bred so there is a great chance of an allergic reaction and hair loss.

It is very important that we test our dogs for HD, ED, Patellaruxation, PRA-PRCD, Willebrand disease, EIC, IC and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). In addition, the eyes are checked every year by ECVO test and we breed Addison evasively. This is done for many generations which ensures a very stable health. A chance that is not nearly as great with a Labrador x poodle cross!

Australian Labradoodle vs Cobberdog

The only (major) difference between the Cobberdog and the Australian Labradoodle is that a Wheaten Terrier can be found in the pedigree of a Cobberdog. That is a breed that is not recognized as parent-wide by the large Australian Labradoodle breeding associations ALAA, ALAEU and ALA because they do not consider the stubborn character of the Wheaten terrier as a positive addition to the Australian Labradoodle.  

ALF          Australian Labradoodle Foundation Dog
LO            Kruising labradoodle / Labradoodle Origin, wordt ook wel aangeduid als F1, F1b, F2

Fokschema Australian Labradoodle

ALF 1 x ALF 1 ALF 2
ALF 2 x ALF 2 ALF 3
ALF 3 x ALF 3 ALF 4 / Pure Australian Labradoodle
ALF 2 x ALF 3 ALF 3, puppy is namelijk altijd 1 generatie hoger dan de laagste generatie ouder

Voor een “kruising” Labradoodle ziet het fokschema er als volgt uit:

Fokschema kruising labradoodle

Labrador x Poedel LO1, ook wel F1 Labradoodle genoemd
LO1 x LO1 LO2, ook wel F2 Labradoodle genoemd
LO2 x LO2 LO3, ook wel F3 Labradoodle genoemd
LO1 x Poedel LO2, ook wel een F1b Labradoodle genoemd