You can easily trim your doodle yourself,  you only need a good scissor. We don’t use a hair clipper so that the can look like playful teddy bears and the fur stays healthier and softer.

We love to use the green activet brush for wavy fleece and curly fleece coats. We brush every 3 weeks, but we recommend to check the coat every week on tangles and remove these right away.

After you have removed tangles and knots with the activet brush, it is advisable to check afterwards with the “control comb” if there are any small tangles left behind. We give you this comb when you pick up your puppy. The comb has fine and rotating pins, this works best because it also takes all the small tangles and it still slides easily through the fur.

If you can’t remove a large tight tangle with the activet brush, you can try a matt splitter. It allows you to cut safely through the tangle. By splitting the tangle into 2 or 3 pieces, you can brush it out much more easily!

We love to use a trimming table so you can trim at a good working height (around 90-95 cm) which is important for your back and shoulders.

For drying the coat after washing or blowing some dirt out, we love to use a water blower / doodle booster! You will prevent a lot of tangles, because of a cleaner coat.If your dog is scared of the sound, you can use a hoodie. This will suppress the sound and has a comforting effect on your dog.  

If you are looking for a great product preventing ticks and fleas, without the coat becoming greasy, use the TICKLESS Pet or Tick Clip. We also wash our dogs with our lavender and lemongrass soap which is a great fleas, ticks and mosquito repellent.  

After brushing it is smart to spray the coat with a leave in conditioner that contains argan, coconut or almond oil. It ensures that the open brushed hair scales close again. This way the coat stays longer without tangles and loses less moisture, so the coat regains its shine (and with Curly-Fleece also its curls)! 

If you find brushing too time and energie-consuming?

This brush was developed by my parents ( It brushes 10 times faster than you can brush yourself, does not touch the skin so that it cannot damage it, but it brushes precisely with the good technique so that all difficult tangles and / or knots are removed painless within a few seconds! Ideal! We will give you a code which will provide you a 100 euro discount on the ADB! WEBSHOP ADB 

When should I start brushing and how often should I do this?

We always start with the coat care at 6 weeks, so that your Doodle can already get used to the idea of ​​brushing. Use a normal human brush / comb up to 5 months for brushing the puppy coat in a gentle way. Brush your Doodle every week to get used to it. Don’t use the Activet brush before 5 months and no more than once a week. If you brush too much with the sharp pins of the Activet brush (every day, every other day) you can irritate / damage the hair follicles, so that less nutrients can get to the hair and the coat becomes dull, thinner and dry. Between 9 and 14 months the coat will tangle very quick. This is because the puppy fur will let go and will not fall out, but will get stuck in the new adult fur (the fur change phase). It is extremely important that you know the correct brushing technique and use the right brush during this phase. During this phase you should certainly brush twice a week.We brush our adult doodle’s every 3 weeks, with a check on tangles every week. The adult coat is easy to maintain!

When can I cut my Doodle?

You can cut your Doodle from 5 months. As soon as you find that the coat is too long, cut the coat 1 cm everywhere, which is easier to do and much less rigorous than having to remove it in 1 x 10 cm. If you cut once every 2 months, the coat will stay neatly at the desired length and the coat will remain healthy and shiny because you will remove the dry dots neatly each time. Coat care is extremely easy, fun to do yourself and you save a lot of costs with this! You get a 10% discount on a DOODLEHAIRDO workshop with a DOODLEBABY puppy! In a workshop everything that a groomer would do (which materials to use, correct brushing technique, cutting technique, ear picking, nail tracking, poo / pee tracking, eye corners cutting etc.)

What to do with a dull and dry coat?

To support the skin flora you can add 1 teaspoon of Sanofor Veendrenkstof to the food every day, they love it. It ensures healthy skin, a beautiful and shiny coat but also supports the intestinal flora! This shampoo and conditioner (after brushing in) also ensures a shiny, healthy and well-combable coat!

How does my Labradoodle stink?

When did you last wash your Doodle? Since Doodle’s have a permanent coat, you actually have to do that once every 2 months. If you do this with MINK OIL shampoo, this minimally disrupts the skin flora and keeps the tangles away for longer. – This Cowboy Magic shampoo and conditioner (after brushing in) also ensures a shiny, healthy and well-combable coat! You normally never wash dogs because they have different moulting periods, during which they actually clean up their fur completely. Labradoodles do not do this! Washing more than once in 2 months is also not good, because you will disturb the balance between the good and bad bacteria on the skin too much. Then all kinds of bad bacteria can start to conquer the skin, which can also cause stinking. Eventually you can get more problems with this, such as skin irritations, flakes, exzema and hair loss. Also make sure that there are no felts between the cushions under his feet. If they get wet, they can also spread a very foul odor and check the ears for too much hair and earwax or dirt. It is also possible that your Doodle is changing its teeth, this can also give off an “iron” odor. To be able to brush his teeth properly, we advise you to give him a deer antler or beef hoof to chew. If your deathlet is late with changing (around 7 to 8 months have to change 1 or 2 teeth), do not go to the vet immediately! He will tell you that it is necessary to cut the tooth away under anesthesia, this is not necessary and costs too much stress and money. By wiggling the tooth with your finger twice a day for a few days, it becomes more and more loose and finally falls naturally.

My Doodle has hotspot/wound, what do I do about this?

If your Doodle has been in the tangles for too long or has felted, you may find a “hotspot” spot on the skin. This is a red irritated piece of skin that your Doodle licks a lot from, that has often been covered with a thick burdock or felt and therefore has had too little oxygen. Due to rain showers or playing in the water it started to boil. The vet will apply various expensive ointments for morning and evening. We know from experience that you have to lubricate Sudocréme for 2 to 3 days and the place is completely restored afterwards. Sudocréme is for sale at the drugstore.sudocrem 

How do I make sure my Doodle stays on the floor?

The problem is that most owners think it’s not fun for their Doodle to be brushed. You radiate this and from this uncertainty they make enormous use of it. So brush with the idea that it just belongs and that it is much less pleasant for your Doodle if she gets felt in the coat, the skin gets irritated and needs to be bald. (especially with the cold weather that is not pleasant).

Place your Doodle on its right side (with the head to the left). This way you can keep your Doodle low with your left elbow and at the same time keep the fur up so that you can brush the hair layer by layer under your left hand with your right hand. Every time your Doodle tries to rise, put it down again and say “No, stay beautiful.” If she does that then you say with a happy soft voice “Well, that’s pretty yours”. If she does not do it yet, keep putting it back, “The persistent wins!” It is immediately clear to your Doodle that you are the boss and that you determine how long you brush and whether you have been ready.