Iza is the daughter of Rivermist Sadie and Sandcastle’s Brodie. Iza has a loose curly Fleece coat with beautiful brown and white drawings. She weighs 9.7 kg and is a mini of 40 cm. She has green/golden eyes that are constantly looking curiously around. She is a true adventurer and prefers to play outside all day.  She loves walking around us and ‘helping’ in the garden or doing the laundry. She prefers to run  and play on the grass and is our top athlete! Iza can be enthusiastic about anything. Iza is very calm and quiet inside our house and is always in for a good cuddle. Iza is strangely addicted to Brussels sprouts!

Dog’s Paradise Iza, ALF 3, ALAEU-3525 & WALA00027322 has been fully approved in accordance with the ALAEU & WALA breeding regulations. This means that she is gree of HD (Hip Dysplasia), ED (Elbow Dysplasia), Patellaluxation (loose kneecaps), PRA-PRCD (hereditary eye diseases), Willebrand disease (Blood Coagulation Disease), EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse), IC (Improper Coat ) and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). In addition, the eyes are checked every year by ECVO test and we breed Addison evasively.