Jordan is a very handsome and smart girl. She has inherited the sweet nature of her mother and the lay-back attitude of her father. Jordan loves people and lover to sit on your lap or at least against you. Jordan has a beautiful caramel wavy fleece coat and beautiful greenish eyes! Jordan is a small medium with her 43 cm height and weighs 12,5 kg. You can wake Jordan up for raspberries at night!

DoodleBabys Jordan, ALF3, ALAEU-4097 & WALA00027323 has been fully approved in accordance with the ALAEU&WALA breeding regulations. This means that she has been tested for HD (Hip Dysplasia), ED (Elbow Dysplasia), Patellaluxation (loose kneecaps), PRA-PRCD (hereditary eye diseases), Willebrand disease (Blood Coagulation Disease), EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse), IC (Improper Coat ) and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). In addition, the eyes are checked every year by ECVO test and we breed Addison evasively.