This is our beautiful deep red girl Waltzing Mathilda’s Red Sky in June. She was born on December 4, 2015 in the USA, daughter and copy of mom  Syrah and Oliver (http://www.waltzingdoodles.com/our-girls.html). She is very affectionate, enthusiastic and very cute! She is super social to people and likes to play with all our other roommates. June is really fond of puppies and can spend hours playing very gently and sweetly with puppies of her girlfriends. In this way she also helps us to let the puppies get used to other large dogs in a sweet way which is good for socialization!June loves to cuddle all day long and likes nothing more than to crawl very tightly on your lap to cuddle! June has a deep red wavy fleece coat, she weighs 9.8 kg and is a mini size of 40 cm. She could have puppies of all colors (cream, apricot, caramel, red, dark red, brown and black) depending on which of our boys wins her heart. 

Waltzing Matilda’s Red Sky in June, ALF 3, ALAEU-5189 & WALA00027320 has been fully approved in accordance with the ALAEU & WALA breeding regulations. This means that she is free of HD (Hip Dysplasia), ED (Elbow Dysplasia), Patellaluxation (loose kneecaps), PRA-PRCD (hereditary eye diseases), Willebrand disease (Blood Coagulation Disease), EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse), IC (Improper Coat ) and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). In addition, the eyes are checked every year by ECVO test and we breed Addison evasively.