Noonoo has a very soft crème/Apricot Wavy Fleece coat! Noonoo is a large mini/small medium size Doodle of 42 cm and weighs 12 kg. She has a great sweet and cheerful character and is always up for a game. She sees an adventure in everything and was already playing with our tough (he thinks) stud dog Bro at 4 weeks (see video below). NooNoo is really a wonderful girl and so gentle and sweet ?  

Noonoo has been fully approved in accordance with the ALAEU breeding regulations. This means that she has been tested for HD (Hip Dysplasia), ED (Elbow Dysplasia), Patellaluxation (loose kneecaps), PRA-PRCD (hereditary eye diseases), Willebrand disease (Blood Coagulation Disease), EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse), IC (Improper Coat ) and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). In addition, the eyes are checked every year by ECVO test and we breed Addison evasively.

NooNoo at 5 weeks playing with our Bro: