A. Subscribe to our waitinglist

From the very moment we help the mothers giving birth, to the moment you can pick up your new family member, these puppies really feel like our own little babies. That’s why it is very important for us to know that our puppies will end up in a loving home. If you like to subscribe to our waiting list, please email us doodle-babys@outlook.com with the following things:

Name, address, phone number 

Description of your Family and house/appartment and garden.

How many hours you work and could your doodle come with you to work, have hobby’s, sports, family/friends social calls etc. So we know your doodle won’t have to miss her/his family for more than 2 hours a day.

Placement on the:

1. Normal Waiting List family puppy with waiting time Once it’s your turn based on your down payment date, you will automatically receive an email asking if you are interested in that litter, you have 2 days to respond to this email. You can choose to skip litters until you have found your perfect puppy. If, due to circumstances or preferences, you cannot choose from the current litter, you will simply remain your place based on the date of your deposit on the waiting list and you will be automatically emailed again at the next litter. Note that the waiting time becomes longer the more preferences you have. 

For some families, we have to keep your puppy till 15 weeks of age because your country requires this age to cross the border. This is no problem for us!
We are very expierenced with puppy travels all across Europe and we love to help you with a DoodleBaby!
Please check the table below which possibilities applies for you country:


Country Required age of the puppy Price
The Netherlands / Nederland
Bulgaria / Balgariya
Croatia / Hrvatska
Czech Republic / Česká
Denmark / Danmark
Estonia / Eesti
Finland / Suomi
Lithuania / Lietuvos
Luxembourg / Lëtzebuerg
Romenia / România
Slovenia / Slovenija
Slovakia / Slovenská
Switzerland / Suisse
Allowed to travel to your country at 9 weeks 2500 euros
200 euro down payment
Austria / Österreich
Belgium / België
France / France
Germany / Deutschland
Greece / Ελλάδα
Hungary / Magyarország
Italy / Italia
Latvia / Latvija
Poland / Polska
Portugal / Portugal
Norway / Norge
United Kingdom
Spain / España
Sweden / Sverige
Allowed to travel to your country at 15 weeks with rabia vaccination 3850 euros
200 euro down payment


2. Priority List, without/minimal waiting time & if wanted Breeding rights You have first choice on every litter, unless Doodlebabys will keep a puppy of the litter or another family with Priority made their down payment earlier then you. You get priority on the whole Waiting List. You also have breeding rights with the puppy. These puppies are 7800 euros around 8 weeks of age, the down payment is 400 euros.

When you enlist with us, you will receive an estimation when your Doodlebaby could be born if everything goes as planned. We can never predict how many puppies a Mom will have or whether the colors/genders match up with the wants and wishes of our waiting families. So the more wishes on the color, gender, size, coat type etc. the longer your waiting time. 
As soon as we know more about available puppy’s for your family, we automatically will email you!
If you email us sooner about planning of litters, we won’t be able to give you any information. Dogs will be in heat about 1 or 2 times a year and sometimes take shorter or longer than planned. Dogs are only pregnant for 8 weeks. We can’t know in which month a Mom will have baby’s, if she will have enough babies or how many priority families will go before you.