C. Socialisation

Waiting … for the pregnancy and birth of the puppies, it’s not the best part but after this you will receive updates and videos every other week!

We apply various techniques that are extremely important for the health, character, behavior, attitude and peace of mind of your future doodle.

The most important thing that we are going to give your puppy is a whole lot of love, attention, guided and dosed stimulus (Puppy Culture Programm), hugs and respect through consistent education. We see how loving, consistent, clear, peaceful and balanced our pack interacts with each other and with their puppies, they all live in harmony. The puppies learn very quickly from this, they see and copy good behavior from the older doodles. This Pack method ensures that learning good behavior is accelerated. Especially children who are highly sensitive, have Autism, ADHD or Down’s syndrome benefit greatly from an Australian Labradoodle puppy like ours.

Age Socialisation              
week 1 We apply the Bio Sensor Program from the 3rd to the 16th day after birth.    
week 2 Bio Sensor Program              
week 3 Different teddybears with new sounds and textures        
week 4 Different plastic toys with new sounds and textures        
week 5 CDsounds of thunder, fireworks, cars, washing machine, street & traffic noises vacuum cleaner etc.
week 6 Introduce puppies to new people, children          
week 7 Introduce the puppies to other dogs           
week 8 Introduce the puppies to car and other environments         
week 9 Learn puppies to sit and lie still when grooming          
week 10 Learn puppies not to bite, but only licking and cuddling        
week 11 Learn puppies accepting hands in foodbowl and with snack          
week 12 Learn puppies to swim            
week 13 Learn puppies sit before eating          
week 14 Learn puppies to driving around in the car          
week 15 Learn puppies to accept the travel bag          


Our mums give birth in their own quiet and familiar bedroom without distraction from stress factors such as strange tv noise, running children or people hanging over their beds to watch her new borns so the mother feels that she has to be pretective constantly.

As in nature, what we have noticed with our puppy’s and learned of the Puppy Culture Programm, it’s best for puppies to only be exposed to dosed stimulus when they are ready.

In the first 4 weeks Rest, Regularity and Cleanliness are our top priority. Our puppies will only receive light and controlled stimulus with the BioSensor Program, which are special methods to make the puppies relaxed and more stable for the rest of their lives.


We apply the Bio Sensor Program from the 3rd to the 16th day after their birth. You may be aware that children with the right degree of attention, peace and affection develop positively. These are all stimuli that later determine development. This works just like that with dogs! The Bio Sensor Program is a method that consists stimulating actions that determine the pup’s development. You should think of lifting the puppy in different ways, feeling a wet cloth and rubbing a cotton swab under the paws, so that they get used to it.
Source: Battaglia C.L. (2009). Periods of early development and the effects ofstimulation and social experiences in the canine


Proven benefits of this method:
1. More stable heartbeat
2. Stronger heartbeat
3. Faster production of adrenaline
4. More resistant to stress (Stress breaks down vitamin C, which is necessary for bone development)

We also give our mommies salmon oil from the moment they are pregnant until her babies are 5 weeks old. The puppies indirectly receive salmon oil through breast milk to stimulate brain development. We also give Hokamix herb powder to supplement all the vitamines and minerals.

From the age of 4 weeks the puppies are offered dosed larger stimulus with the puppy culture method, such as sounds of thunder, fireworks, cars, washing machine, street & traffic noises vacuum cleaner etc. As they are so cute, many people and children come over to cuddle them, they meet other animals, they learn how to walk on the leash, getting used to cars etc. They get used to domestic stimuli such as the television, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, dryer, washing machine. From now on they will also get a piece of artificial grass for potty training and this works really great!

The moment of choice

At 7 weeks you have received updates with portraits and video’s of playing, which means that you have probably (unknowingly) already expressed a preference for a few puppies. You can choose from the puppies that have not yet been selected by the people above you on the waiting list. We guide and advise you in your choice so that the puppy with the right character ends up with the right owner.

We have 10 years of experience and we know that the moment of choice is unfortunately often wrongly romanticized. The brothers and sisters within a labradoodle litter are very similar in character! If there is a slightly calmer puppy, we will help her with our socialization programm so she can be more outgoing. Education, environment and stimulus guidance mainly form the character of a puppy.  Your choice will be made via email, whatsapp or telephone based on the many videos and our advice. 

As they get older they walk between our “pack” which ensures that their character and behavior remains balanced. In the pack they learn, a puppy is lower in the rank and she don’t have much to say. Where necessary she will get corrected by the adult doodles, this ensures that she doesn’t become dominant and think that they can do whatever they want. The puppy’s understand dog language and learn very quickly. With our corrections or the corrections of our dogs, they quickly show good behavior and move on without stress or worry.  From the age of 7 weeks they will also imitate / take over the behavior of our adult doodles, so that learning good behavior will be accelerated.

We also teach them respect. When they get food and you see something in the bowl and want to take it away, they should never growl & bite. This training ensures that they are completely reliable around your children.

Socializing continues, making them open to new spaces, objects, soft and loud noises, smells, traffic, fireworks training, people, children and other animals (kids, chickens, cats etc). We notice when there is trust in people, they accept a lot and think they are fine because they feel safe with us. If they have enough confidence, trust us and we suddenly walk through an Airport with lots of sounds / smells / people / objects etc. and we have an attitude that everything is fine, they just walk with us ?  We also start the therapy dog ​​training so that you can really enjoy your puppy from the. We start training them and have them cuddle with a lot of children and people. The pack method teach the puppy’s a calmness and equilibrium, which is ideal for a therapy dog, they are extremely suitable for this, we are very focused on the characters of our little doodles making it an ideal friend for children who are highly sensitive, with Autism, ADHD, Syndrome of Down. The most important thing that we are going to give them is a whole lot of love, attention, guided stimuli, hugs and respect through consistent education. Children with Down’s syndrome, Autism and ADHD in particular are immensely bathed in this upbringing and getting an Australian Labradoodle puppy of this age at home! They can play and discover our 5000m2 garden, which makes them very confident and increasingly self-assured because they dare to go out to investigate. They play a lot together which ensures that their muscle development can grow sufficiently and that they are therefore clearly stronger than when puppies are alone. But they also get the necessary mandatory rest, so they also accept not having our attention all the time. This gives them a head start and ensures that they can develop well.We go a step further, to make it a fun experience for you and your family. 

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