D. Pick up your Puppy

The moment you all have been waiting for has arrived!

When you pick up your puppy, it is best to take your puppy on a towel on your lap or on the floor near your feet in the car. That is reassuring for the puppy, for a longer trip it is nice for him to hang a towel over his place on the highway, so that he is less distracted from all the moving things around him. In principle we are not for transporting in a bench. If you have to brake unexpectedly, the puppy will hit the side of the bench and that is not nice. After a few months you can use the harness in the car, by pulling the harness through the harness or using an intermediate belt to secure your puppy so that he / she can safely sit on the couch.

We will give you a puppy package including:

  • EU Passport
  • Digital Pedegree  (#safethetrees)
  • Declarations of health from the vet
  • Teddy bear with scents from the nest and the pack
  • Harness with leash
  • 1 puppy pad for little pee accidents 
  • Brush + explanation Doodle brush technique
  • Training kibble Orijen Puppy
  • Nibble snacks
  • Video and information updates
  • Sales contract (including the condition that you castrate before 18 months)
  • When the puppies go home, they are completely dewormed, vaccichecked/protection checked, vaccinated and chipped
  • The puppies are also treated to prevent fleas, ticks and other insects
  • Before the puppy’s go home, they have been groomed several times: washed, nails clipped, feet soles, private parts and corners of the eyes cut free (see the video below to see how quietly they accept this)
  • Manuals / tips about the health and education of your puppy
  • Lifelong help desk

    Fortunately it has never happened, but if you notice that you are allergic, we will gladly take the puppy back. We are also happy to take the puppy back from you in other special or extreme circumstances. We absolutely want the best for our Doodles and are happy to help you. We often have another owner for the puppy within 1 day!

    Doodles up to 15 weeks are often around 6/7 kilos, so they can easily fly on your lap in the cabin.

    We always use these dimensions for a travelling bag: 30 x30 x54 cm https://www.zooplus.nl/shop/honden/benches/draagtassen/verdere/26027

    All necessary obligations have been met for your puppy to fly, passport with deworming and necessary vaccinations (including the Rabies vaccination).