Bella Blippi


This is our lovely and always happy girl Blippi!

She is the sweet little daughter of Millie and Mr. Butterscotch.
She is always cheerful, very playful, very sweet, social and kind to the puppies. She is best friends with our Jadida, with whom she can play and explore the garden and forest for hours. She really enjoys being held as a baby in our arms and being cuddled all day long. She has a silky soft coat that has beautiful deep red in color. The cute white marks she got from mommy Pina.

She has a beautiful and silky soft red wavy fleece coat with white marks. She has a shoulder height of 42 cm, weighs 12 kg and can have puppies of all colors (cream, apricot, caramel, red, dark red, brown and black with and without white spots) depending on with which of our gentlemen she wants to go on a date.

Doodlebabys Bella Blippi ALAEU-15209 and WALA00071143 will be tested according to the breeding regulations of the WALA. This means that she must be free of HD (Hip Dysplasia), ED (Elbow Dysplasia), Patella Luxation (loose kneecaps), PRA-PRCD (Inherited Eye Diseases), Willebrand Disease (Blood Clotting Disease), EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse), IC (Improper Coat) and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). In addition, the eyes are checked every year by ECVO test and we breed Addison evasively.