Priority puppy available

It is possible to adopt a family puppy from us without a waiting period/with a very short waiting period!

The puppies without waiting time cost 7800 euros. The puppies have no castration or sterilization obligation and you are allowed to even have a litter with your doodle!



Become a Australian Labradoodle Breeder!

Breed a litter with your Doodle 
There is nothing more fun than raising a litter of happy Doodle Babies and making families overjoyed with your puppies! The little ones are born, they open their eyes, they start to waddle carefully and you can teach them to eat solid food and get to know the world. It is a fantastic privilege to be a breeder!   

What many families do not know or find out too late is that you can also buy a puppy from us to have babies of your own. We will provide the complete guidance, such as the preparations for finding a suitable male for your girl, advice you on good materials and will also help with setting up a small business. We will of course always be a lifelong help desk!

Your Doodlebaby will be free from all hereditary diseases to be tested, through the DNA of the parents. All our doodletjes are free from all hereditary diseases. So you only need to perform the physical tests of your puppy, so the ECVO eyes: 45 euros & Hips and elbows: 100 euros & Patella’s / knees: 40 euros

You receive a membership to our exclusive private facebook group with videos of the preparation, delivery and everything around it. You will also receive a syllabus so that you can read all our experiences, explanations and tips.  Because we have been breeding for years through the strict health rules of the ALAEU & the WALA, all our puppies are very suitable for breeding. Not only the parents of your puppy have been fully tested, but also many generations before have been fully tested for HD (hip dysplasia), ED (elbow dysplasia), Patelluxuxation (loose kneecaps), PRA-PRCD (hereditary eye diseases), EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse), IC (Improper Coat) and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy).

Of course we will always advise you in the choice of your puppy. You will receive priority on the current waiting list. 

If you are interested in a priority puppy, you can always send us an email at