B. Choosing moment

Description appearance and character

Around 6 weeks we provide detailed descriptions of the puppies. We live 24/7 around the puppies and can therefore advise and tell you about the characters. The character descriptions are about that moment and can change slightly every week. We also know from experience that our socialization program, your upbringing and the environment have a huge influence on the final character of the puppy. 

In addition to our own DoodleBabys behavioral recognition, we all test the puppies according to the therapy dog ​​test “VOLHARD’S PUPPY TESTING” & on “PUPPY ASSESSMENT TESTS of PUPPY CULTURE” where they always score really high!


You will also receive a table of our expectations as to how the fur will develop and how large the puppy will eventually grow. The final heights are estimates, don’t pin us down that this will be exactly the centimeter! The coats can also have just a little more wave, or just a little less, unfortunately that is not predictable in nature. The colors can also change enormously. Doodles are huge magic balls, so they can be dark red one year and a little lighter red or even caramel the next, but the following year can be dark red again. Nature fully does what he likes 🙂

Preference for coat type, size and color (You can choose your own puppy with our help and advice) The more preferences, the longer the waiting time. Of course we work with nature and unfortunately we cannot pre-set how many girls, with red wavy fleece coats, mini puppies are going to be born. We also can not give any guarantee on coat color, final height and the amount of curls coat.

There is no difference in character with a doodle male or female. We have a lot of experience with different Doodles and we have seen different Doodles every day for 6 years because we also gave workshops on fur care (www.doodlehairdo.nl) and can therefore say this with certainty! The peeing against every pole for delimiting territory, dominant behavior and the interest in girls in heat are naturally taken away by the obligatory castration before 18 months of age. Also, girls do not have to experience the belly ache of being in heat and the chance of overy/uterus infection is much smaller. This way girls and boys are even more alike!

You can choose your puppy with us! We do not assign puppies like many other breeders, but advise and help you with your choice! When it is your turn, you may choose the puppy that has not been selected by the owners above you on the waiting list. We live around the puppies 24/7 and can therefore advise you very well and tell you about the characters. It is not possible to choose a puppy by visiting us, because this is too difficult with all families in the order of the waiting list. We also want to make sure that the puppies are fully protected and a positive titer test is often around 9/10 weeks.

If, due to circumstances or preferences, you cannot choose from the current litter, you will simply remain on the waiting list and you will be automatically mailed again at the next litter. You will retain your spot on the waiting list based on the date of down payment.

In the video below an impression of our baby’s:

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